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Golf — Make Your Short Game Shorter

Since 70 percent of shots are made within 120 yards of the hole, improving your short game can lead to better scores with less effort. One technique, mental as much as physical, to improve your short game is by starting from the hole and working backwards. Everyone knows the frustration of missing those two foot putts, but that can be practiced off the course.

On the course, start with the right club selection. A higher shot such as a lob, will need a club with more loft, so match the distance and height to the number. But keep in mind, you want the ball on short shots to stay out of the air as much as possible.

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To keep the shot low, position your chest in front of the ball, with about 75 percent of your weight shifted to the balls of the feet. When you need to make those higher shots, the chest is further back, even slightly behind the ball with only 60 percent of your weight forward.

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Proper contact at impact will do more for accuracy and proper distance than a forceful swing. Most golfers hit plenty hard enough. Concentrate on consistently connecting with the ball at the sweetspot, with the clubface square. This is critical with wedges where the loft of the club can easily encourage hooks or slices. And remember, the handle of the club should always be in front of the face at impact.

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Practice a few "flamingo drill" shots by hitting some chips and pitches with the toe of your rear foot balanced on your front foot. This puts the weight on your front leg. (Either that, or you fall down. A position from which it's difficult to hit much!) Now, put your foot down to the normal position and hit a few more. Notice how the exercise helps to prevent hanging back and lifting the ball into the air.

Remember, if your head is behind the ball, your weight will tend to be behind the ball. You want more of your weight on the front to prevent those fat chip shots. Also, keeping the ball on the ground longer will increase accuracy.

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Take a 7 or 8 iron and grip closer down toward the bottom of the grip. Open your stance slightly and align the shoulders on the target line. Using a putting stroke —— arms and shoulders do the work, while the lower body stays quiet —— draw the club back about 18 inches. The down swing should follow through the same distance after impact.

For good chipping, set your hands slightly ahead of the ball and lean a little toward the target. Flex the knees slightly and narrow the stance. The swing doesn't require great force, if your impact is square and on the sweetspot. Aim to impact down on the backside of the ball to keep it from gaining too much height. Accelerate smoothly. Remember, don't uncock your wrists too early on the downswing.

When your short game is as short as possible, the next best percentage play is to practice those putts. Now that you have completed reading this article on golf, we hope that you have found the information on golf that you were searching for.

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