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Top Golf Tips - How To Improve You Golf Grip

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Like every golfer, you probably have a very particular way in which you hold your club. And if it works well for you, you should keep it--and possibly consider how you can improve it. If, however, you are struggling with your grip or would like to learn how to improve it, continue reading --this guide on golf grips could greatly improve your game.

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Many things can cause a slice in the world of golf. But nine times out of ten, it is caused by a poor grip. One way to fix this is to make sure that when you are looking down, you can see the first two knuckles of your left hand and a 'V' shape between your thumb and forefinger.

Many golfers have a habit of gripping the club too tightly, which often causes unnecessary tension. It can also make you hit the top of the ball. To prevent this, you should check your right side grip; and your arm and shoulder tension before each swing. You should sense some mild tension. Remember that light muscles are better than tight muscles.

One common error golfers make when putting is failing to coordinate between wrists; each wrist ends up moving in a different direction, when they should be working as a unit.

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If you experience this problem, try using a cross hand grip. To get the grip right, place your left hand on the grip where the right hand would usually be; and then put the thumb on your right hand level with the top of the thumb on your left hand. This will feel odd at first, but it will force the hands to work together, which is what counts when it comes to putting.

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These are just a few tips that will greatly help you improve your game by increasing your mastery over commonly used golf grips. So what is your verdict on this composition on golf? Are there anymore unanswered questions about golf in your mind?

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